Every stamp on the ol’ passport brings an array of exciting new adventures and experiences, yet the questions from others remain the same. Where was the best food and drinks? Where is your happy place? What was the most breathtaking view? While the answers for all the above are different for everyone, and can constantly change, it is quite an accolade that the rooftop terrace at the 5-star Bairro Alto hotel would be a top contender for all three.

An iconic establishment in Lisbon’s historic city centre, located between the famous Bairro Alto and the culturally rich Chiado neighbourhoods. The thirty eight person, mist-chilled, terrace sits on the hotel’s top floor, providing unique views over Lisbon’s dazzling rooftops. A perfect spot for anytime of the day, to sit and read a book or converse with friends and family in a relaxing yet energetic atmosphere.

6_BAIRRO_ALTO_VIEWWhile anytime of the day would be a pleasant visit, it’s always hard to compete with sunset hour. Spend your evening sipping cocktails amidst the fading of the days light, while soaking in what has been awarded “the fourth best hotel-terrace view in the world”. However, reservations are not taken, the only way to ensure a visit is popping in at odd hours or checking in regularly to see if a table will open up.

The menu offers a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes, with portions appropriate for sharing or light snacking. The extensive cocktails and house specialties are a must-try, beautifully presented and equally delightful. Below are a few of nadaCliché’s top choices, with the Midori de Coentros reigning supreme as one of the most refreshing, flavourful cocktails that has been featured on this site to date.

Gin, cardamom seeds, lavender, lime juice, cranberry juice, ginger, sugar syrup

Sugar cane, Brandy, sugar, passion fruit, lime

Tequila, Cointreau, sugar and Grapefruit juice

Midori, lemon juice, pineapple juice, coriander leaves

5_BAIRRO_ALTO_-MIDORIIf you’re in the neighbourhood, or in Lisbon in general, make an effort to swing by the Bairro Alto. It is a dining experience that will rival any tourist attraction in the city.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Charlie Monrow

    Yowzaaaa that looks like a beauty view for a few drinks

  • Sherry

    Drinks + view = amazing!!! LOVE LISBOA

  • Tommy

    Premium looking venue. Unfortunate about no reservations though, guess you gotta get lucky sometimes.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Tommy, ya it’s a bit disappointing you can’t make reservations. However, if you ever get the chance to visit you’ll see it’s a very small and quaint space that would book up quickly. Then no one would get a chance to enjoy without booking months in advance.

  • Emily H

    ohhhhh looks so dang refreshing!!! LOVE

  • Tats

    Favourite spot in the city 😉 😉 😉 The drinks are insanely good

  • Lindsay

    Whoa better get here before summer’s over lol

  • Ryah

    Damn, I’ll need to wait until next year to visit. Looking pretty chill on a hot summers day

  • Tia

    Got me dreaming of summertime in the city whoaaaa Can’t wait to visit

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