If you find yourself cruisin’ the streets of Sant Antoni late one evening, you can pat yourself on the back and rest assured you are in the right area for a good night. A focal point of Barcelona’s brunch, tapas and cocktail culture, the area sits comfortably within the Eixample neighbourhood, and is easily navigated by foot. While the area has somewhat avoided the spotlight in the past it is quickly becoming more vibrant and energetic as it continues to draw attention.

Now, back to that cocktail culture we were talking about. Meet Bitter Bar, one of the latest additions to Sant Antoni’s nightlife scene. A unique space with multiple rooms, each as eclectic and interesting as the next. Upon entering you step food inside a very personal, yet welcoming environment. Bottles line the wood panel walls and decorative plants make a rare and delightful appearance. This is a great spot to hang out, converse with the bartenders and learn all about the mixology behind their intricate menu.

4_BITTER_BAR_COCKTAILSHead to the back and embrace the open concept floor plan. Sit amongst the decorative triangle mirrors in a dining area straight out of a trendy family home. Alternatively, set up shop in the corner lounge with low seating fixtures, miniature bar stools and comfy throw pillows to separate yourself from the exposed brick. Check out the great selection of artwork on the wall, featuring a large Zebra print accompanied by black and white illustrations of dogs and colourful, surreal sunsets.

Embrace the glowing green ambiance deriving from the bars back-back room.  A visually intriguing peace reminiscent of an art installation. Empty bottles decoratively positioned in wooden drawers across steel shelves, all illuminated by vibrant green Christmas lighting.

All in all, Bitter Bar is pretty sweet (despite it’s name). It promotes a feel good vibe in a creative and welcoming manner. A selection of top notch cocktails (definitely try the Bitter Punch or Kentucky Buck Beer), light snacks and knowledgable staff combine into a great experience. As authentic as Barcelona gets, and an answer to the areas long time bid for a hip new offering.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Dale

    ohhhhhhh lala loving that green ligthing cool spot

    • nadaCliche

      No doubt one of the coolest aesthetics I’ve come across in a bar!

  • Tony

    Heading to BCN next month and was looking for some cool places to check out, Definitely aiming to swing in here, the menu looks solid with some nice ambience. Peace

  • Tamara

    Very slick. Plants are such a cool idea for a bar, why are there not more plants in bars I ask? haha Great cocktail shots too

  • Tasha

    LOVE this! So cute I wanna go there nowwwwwww

  • JT

    Great vibes gotta visit soon time hombre

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