The Enchanted Forest is an award-winning annual outdoor experiential festival in Pitlochry, Scotland. Drawing over 40,000 visitors in it’s approximately one month run, all eager to experience the spectacle that is sweeping Scotland’s prestiguous awards including the “Best Large Event” and “Best Cultural Event”. It is a tantalizing display of visuals, aerial artists and lighting effects displayed on mother nature’s canvas. Accompanied by orchestrated sound design and original music scores, it is truly an astonishing blend that will transform you to the fairy tales of your childhood.

ENCHANTED_SLIDER_2The 2014 spectacle aptly named “Elemental” separated the forest into four distinct sections each paying homage to the elements we know as earth, wind, fire and water. You navigate your way through the event at your own pace while enjoying freshly prepared Scottish beef burgers, mulled wine and hot chocolate. It is absolutely an event for all ages, individuals, families and couples. While you may expect it to be cheesy and corny upon first viewing, it easily changes your perception and attitude once you step foot on the property.

ENCHANTED_SLIDER_4Tickets for the 2015 show will be available in mid June, while the actual event takes place from October 2nd – November 1st, 2015. If you happen to find yourself in the UK around this time it is definitely worth checking out. You can find all the information you need on there website.