More then 22,000 square kilometres make up the incredible Etosha National Park, with nearly a quarter being the Etosha pan, a shining white salt pan that is the areas greatest geographical identifier. Amongst these grounds exists an abundance of wildlife which can be viewed throughout. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view “The Big 5” here as Buffalos have not been in the park since the 1950’s, however the rest are out there if you’re lucky enough to find them.

2_ETOSHA_LIONThe park boasts a healthy population of the endangered Black and White rhino. While the populations  aren’t disclosed to the public (for obvious reasons) the White rhino is still rare and recently reintroduced to the area while the Black rhino inhabit the park thanks to a relocation program.

Bird lovers will marvel at an astonishing amount of wildlife during daily drives. The park consists of approximately 340 different bird species and can often be viewed perched in trees close to the roads, or flying closely right beside your car. Even though they are sometimes within a few metres, a zoom lens isn’t gonna hurt ya.

5_ETOSHA_LILACThe biggest draw to the park is the variety of waterholes that can be found in the open lands as well as at various camps. They play an important role during the winter months when precipitation levels are low. The waterholes attract animals of all varieties and offer better game viewing opportunities. Waterholes such as Moringa and Okaukuejo are illuminated at night and provide excellent entertainment when the sun goes down, it isn’t uncommon to see herds of elephants, crashes of rhino and big cats visiting in he dark. An added bonus, the waterholes are visible from adjacent camps and you can partake on foot, outside of a vehicle, and for any duration you choose. It really doesn’t get boring!

Etosha is yet another reason to visit the incredibly beautiful landscapes of Namibia, as if the desert, the Himba and Sossusvlei weren’t enough, the African bush awaits you in the Northwestern part of the country. Hop in your own car, or hire a safari guide to learn all about the region, then sit back and watch the animal kingdom come to life around you.   

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