Escape the city life and immerse yourself in tranquility and relaxation at Hoogland, a family owned establishment that is much more then a spa. Located in the Shurveberg mountain range in Gauteng’s largest private game reserve, easily accessible from both Pretoria and Johannesburg. Guests can approach Hoogland in any way they wish, and define their experience however they choose, whether it be partaking in nature walks, hydro therapies, or diet and exercise amongst many other offerings.

2_HOOGLAND_HOTELThe building is from the early 70’s and many elements reflect that time period today, and that is a good thing. The whole environment is an ode to the grassroots of the establishment, and everything it was built upon. Guests are encouraged to enjoy their time however they wish, and in fact are not interacted with by staff – instead, it is the guests choice to initiate conversation and then a helping hand will be extended. With this approach, guests can truly treat Hoogland as a home away from home and settle into relaxation.

5_HOOGLAND_VIEWDelicious, healthy meals options are offered throughout the day (8am-8pm), with no set “meal times” as everyone is encouraged to eat on their own schedule. A 24 hours fruit stand is always stocked and water refill stations are situated throughout the hotel, which offer refreshing bottled water straight from the water supply below the property.

3_HOOGLAND_POOLHoogland is a peaceful escape, where wellbeing and revitalization are put at the forefront of a homely yet professional environment. If are looking for a secluded paradise to detox, a relaxing spa to be pampered, a place to interact with nature, or a retreat to reenergize your body and mind, then you may have found your next getaway.

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  • Cindy W

    My kind of place. Nothing better then some good ol’ R&R!

  • Jenna

    Paradise!!! Could use a spa retreat 😉

  • Helen

    Looks very relaxing, sure could go for a nice nature walk right about now.

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