After packing your bags and landing safely on Nicaraguan soil, after travelling two hours south to the pacific coastline, after navigating steep hills in a 4×4 towards a local surf break, you will arrive at The Maderas Village. The best part? This is where the journey begins.

Maderas Village is a blank canvas, allowing every visitor to draw their image of paradise. Whether it be solo or with a helping hand, the only necessity is an open-mind. It is how you approach your time at the village that will define the memories you depart with, and the reasons you will wish to return.

2_MADERAS_SLIDER_DREAMCATCHERResting high above the jungle canopy, overlooking the incredible surf of Playa Maderas sits The Dream Catcher house, the epicentre of the village. This is where guests gather and interact, share, laugh, drink and celebrate. Where nightly, family-style dinners are accompanied by a sense of community and an atmosphere moulded by the conversation at hand. Friendly debates and discussions are sparked between like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe. This presents an organically driven and diverse set of shared views and opinions. It is a place to brainstorm, to share and to ultimately, to be inspired.

3_MADERAS_SLIDER_DINNERYour daily itinerary can include any combination of the remarkable activities at your disposal. Whether you prefer to rise in order to catch the day’s first surf or instead, to focus on your yoga practice in a natural studio, the decision is yours. Read a book in a hammock, photograph Howler Monkey’s in the surrounding canopy or head into neighbouring San Juan Del Sur, you can do it all. The only common problem every visitor seems to face is what time they will head to the beach that day and what kind of tacos they will order. Being just a five minute hike down the hill, multiple beach trips in a day isn’t out of the question either.

8_MADERAS_SLIDER_HOWLERWhile this all sounds like an escape from reality, the Village never promotes seclusion. In fact, it is here more so than most destinations that you will feel connected. You are as likely to meet a backpacker on the road less travelled as you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur with the ability to make any space their office. It is not always about a holiday, nor a pre-determined schedule you have set aside for yourself, it is more of an oasis of productivity defined by oneself. An environment built around passion, whatever that may be. It is your choice in which direction you decide to allocate your energy, or recharge your batteries.

4_MADERAS_SLIDER_PANCAKESThe options of where you rest your head at night varies from shared dorms, private bedrooms, casitas, cabanas and a penthouse. All beautifully crafted by skilled Nicaraguans, they are also tastefully decorated by Maderas Collective, a furniture company based out of Managua and run by the same gents behind the Village. The food is a reflection of the surrounding areas, fresh fruits and vegetables compliment locally sourced meat and seafood. The breakfast menu is fantastic, the granola and fruit should not be missed. Lunch is a la carte and dinner is predetermined by the kitchen and promoted early in the day. All delicious health conscious choices.

Maderas is a magical place, a scenic landscape with a vibe that only one who visits can appreciate. It teeters on that fine line between being a secret and a must-know. With the newly finished recording studio (yeah, that’s right – they got beats too!), and the global spotlight hovering over Nicaragua as an emerging hotspot, the only certainty is that the Village will be waiting patiently atop it’s peaceful hillside ready to feed newcomers curiosity of the #MaderasLife.

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