A small bar with a large selection. Simple drinks with complex ingredients. It all comes smoothly together at Old Fashioned, a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated scene. A cozy speakeasy located in Barcelona’s Gracia district that pays homage to vintage cocktails and classic mixology. It’s relaxed, humble atmosphere is exactly what makes it stands out. With no flashy lights and all distractions aside the drinks can bask in the spotlight, and receive the attention they deserve.

Passion is clearly evident from every bartender behind the counter, who quickly and effectively turn out drinks with enthusiasm and professionalism. Eager to share knowledge, put a spin on a classic cocktail or create something specifically for your taste. The Diplomático is highly recommended, a flavourful concoction of Diplomatic Exclusive Reserve, Jerry Thomas, orange bitters, light brown sugar, glass smoked with coffee and cocoa.

Stop in any time to indulge in a premium cocktail, have a casual drink, to meet travellers and locals alike. Don’t be surprised if you see a few bottles flying (to make drinks) and a few fires (also to make drinks), it’s all done in an orchestrated and sophisticated fashion. This spot keeps it classy and lives up to it’s name, no doubt.

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