Valletta is buzzing right now with the anticipation of being crowned the 2018 European city of culture. When you step foot in the Maltese capital you are stepping back in history, and what better accommodation is there then a 17th century palazzo? The Palazzo Prince D’Orange was formerly a private residence, when it’s owners lovingly restored it’s interiors to offer the world 5 unique apartments to enjoy.

The penthouse suite offers two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study area, kitchen and seating areas across two floors. Accessed by an elevator which opens directly into the suite with key card access, a spiral staircase connects the two floors within. An impressive private terrace offers incredible views of the grand harbour and is only rivalled by the rooftop patio above. The suite contains an additional private entrance to the ‘Sala Nobile’, a luxurious dining quarters that can be used for exclusive events. Fun fact – it was also used as the filming location for Steven Spielberg’s 2005 film Munich.

Though amenities may seem limited at first, anything can be arranged by request. Services include private dinners, receptions and meetings all set in an elegant atmosphere surrounded by classical ambience. Staff are quick to assist with any and all needs within the palazzo and the outside surrounding area. Nearby attractions include local shops and restaurants, the ferries to the Three Cities, the Malta Experience and all the colourful doorways and window panes you have dreamed about!

Highly recommended for those seeking a unique historical retreat with the all self catering one would need for a short or long stay.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Polly

    Very stunning views from that kitchen WOW! Always amazing to see how a private residence can be transformed for others enjoyment. LOVE IT!

    • nadaCliche

      Not a bad place to cook up some eggs, eh?

  • Brenda

    I recognize that library!!!!! LOL Very cool you stayed there, looks like an amazing place in a far away land.

  • Damian

    I love the modern way of thinking and allowing others to experience the exceptional views that can only be obtained from a resident address. Cheers to the owners.

    • nadaCliche

      Absolutely agree, opens up the world!

  • Vanessa

    Hey! Ive stayed here before 😉 Best kitchen view in town. How did you enjoy Valletta??

    • nadaCliche

      LOVED it, such an enchanting part of the world. Great accommodations aren’t they?