When someone mentions Bali to a prospective visitor there is no doubt stunning picturesque scenery will pop in their head. Postcard photographs of stunning beaches and rice terraces will flash rapidly through their mind, a scent of ocean sea breeze makes an appearance and they fall in ‘love’ before they ‘eat’ or ‘pray’. I was no different. However, since returning from the bucket list Indonesian island, a new opinion has been formed. Now, whenever I hear ‘Bali’, I will immediately be taken back to The Purist Villas, a hotel which left a more lasting impression then the destination itself.


The elegant and peaceful resort is brought to you by the same creative visionaries behind Ryad Dyor. Comprised of seventeen uniquely designed luxury villas, seamlessly integrated into the natural Balinese surroundings of Ubud, the islands cultural and artistic focal point. One can easily integrate with local customs and traditions or disappear into tranquility within the walls of the hotel.


Stepping through the door into your private villa is like stepping into another world. A stress free, relaxing atmosphere that equally inhabits modern luxuries, allowing you to be as connected (or disconnected) with the outside world as you choose. Spacious bedrooms, with ample seating, deep soak bathtubs and large outdoor rain showers. Private in-room dining areas, sundecks alongside your own personal pool, all tastefully decorated with authentic artifacts collected throughout the Indonesian Islands. Pure bliss.


I would like to make a statement and a prediction regarding the Purist breakfast. 1). It is the best all-around breakfast I have experienced at a hotel before. 2). I will not find a better hotel breakfast in my future travels. Obviously, out of curiosity, I will continue searching to try and prove my second point wrong, but the point is – it is that good! A large selection is available to choose from fresh fruits, yoghurts, toasts and jams, pancakes, native dishes and eggs of your choice. All topped off with freshly roasted, locally sourced coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Plus, the freshest juices you can find. It’s all anyone could ask for to start their day off perfectly.


Complimentary afternoon tea is served daily at 15:00hr, consisting of savoury and sweet delicacies  inspired by local flavours. The Balinese treats change daily so it’s a good idea to fuel your senses if you are around the hotel in the afternoon.


The thatched roof dining area is half covered from outside overlooking the jungle canopy that covers the valley below. With the menu changing daily there will surely be a creative dish that is worth trying. Sample a range of traditional balinese cuisine and asian infused classics all masterfully created with freshly sourced ingredients from the organic market in Ubud. It should also be noted that all meals, including breakfast and afternoon tea, can be served in the privacy of your villa.


I must applaud the staff who add a delightful charm and personal touch to the experience. All local workers who have been carefully selected for their genuine warmth and display of Balinese hospitality. Their friendly smiles, assistance and passion for excellence shines brightly above all else. Additionally, the hotel has a strong dedication to ensuring each guests experience is catered to their liking. A personal butler can be arranged for those who require the most attentive service available, while those wishing to unwind in their own personal paradise will be left alone at their own accord.

There is as much or as little to do as one can ask for. Enjoy the spa, a vast array of massage options, meditate or practice yoga with world renowned instructors in a surreal setting. Relax on your sundeck while reading in a piece of paradise that’s all yours. Escape, connect, unwind and be pure. So, while Bali remains an incredible destination with so much to offer, I truly recommend The Purist Villas get’s it’s own space on your bucket list.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Val

    Looks like a magical escape in a dream destination. I am planning a trip Bali and the Gili’s for my honeymoon next year, can’t wait 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Sounds awesome Val! Good luck with the planning, and enjoy!

  • Eric

    What a fantastic looking space, the designs are both practical and inspirational. The lush jungle surrounding setting sounds magical. I hope to visit Ubud one day. I’m not a fan of beaches, but the culture of the area and local traditions is a major attraction. Cheers.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Eric, I would definitely recommend Ubud for you then. Lots of traditional customs still in practice in the surrounding areas.

  • Dan

    Looks incredible. What is the song in the video?

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Dan, it is an instrumental called “Yes I do”

  • Janet Lane

    Wow, what a surreal and revitalizing environment. Good luck finding a better breakfast 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Haha thanks Janet!

  • Bev

    Is the photograph under “The Villas” a private pool?? Looks stunning.

    • nadaCliche

      Yup, it is! Many of the villas have their own private pools of various sizes.

  • Janet

    Sounds like a lovely experience, I saw the purist on tripadvisor when I booked my trip to Bali last year but decided to stay closer to the beach. Perhaps next year I will split my time and see the local way of life and the rice terraces. Thanks for sharing.

    • nadaCliche

      Highly recommended if you ever return to Bali Janet! The beach is always a great idea, but sand and sea can be found in many places 😉

  • Elisia C

    Great write-up Shawn, sounds like an absolutely amazing place! I fully agree with how some destinations are marketed so well and reach the top of everyone’s bucket list only to visit and be disappointed by the oversaturated tourist industry and commercial takeover. Glad you found a piece of paradise in “paradise” 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Thanks Elisia! It’s a dilemma that haunts many of my travel decisions but sometimes you have to go see for yourself 😉 Thanks for reading!

  • Travis

    Very cool vibes man. I know all the perks (like Afternoon Tea) are great, but I’d prefer places that aren’t as expensive and minus all the “luxury” items, because you’re just paying for all those things in the end anyways.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Travis, I fully see your point, it’s a very half full / half empty scenario. Though, I strongly believe there are neighbouring accommodations that carry a higher price tag without the service and luxury items. The Purist is world class hospitality all around, and it wouldn’t have the same ora if it were stripped of it’s offerings. Thanks for reading!

  • D

    Great shots dude, the place looks amazing! Catch ya in the UK

  • Omar

    Went here for my honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with this place. Its unreal!!!! Great shots dude.

    • nadaCliche

      Thanks Omar! Hope you had an amazing honeymoon!!

  • Thomas

    Gosh this looks unreal! I would love to experience the serenity of the Balinese jungle. Great coverage sir.

  • T

    Brilliant jungle oasis. Absolute bucket list. Bali seems to have a lot of amazing luxury resorts to choose from ya?

  • Heather

    Dreaaaammmm goals! I’m going to go to Bali, and watch Eat Pray Love on the airplane and stay here LOL

  • Derek Sole

    Yowza, great choice for HOTY dude! Hopefully I’ll be Bali bound by May

  • Rock

    My girlfriend and I just booked this place – can’t wait!

  • Diana G

    Ugghhhh A private pool villa is my dreammmmm! It looks so big , are all the pools the same size in those rooms?

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