Conveniently located in the central square of Nadur, a small village of 4500 people on the island of Gozo, is a freshly re-opened boutique hotel from the early 1900’s. Offering 12 elegantly designed rooms, 3 of which are penthouses. All furniture is custom designed for each specific room within the hotel. Rooms that offer a balcony look out to the picturesque town that surrounds Quaint Hotel.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during the Nadur Carnival, or perhaps you wish to plan your trip around the dates (5 days preceding Ash Wednesday), there is no more central location. Right from your balcony you can view the festivities below, bands marching, children dancing and intricate fully animated floats. You are less then a one minute walk to St.Peter and Paul’s Basilica, which was constructed in 1760, where the main celebration takes place.

The entrance to Quaint is on the side of the building and only accessed via key code which will be provided upon reservation. Breakfast is served in café on the main floor and provides a selection of hot and cold items. Quaint blends in with the village as naturally as possible and is an obvious choice for those seeking an escape which integrates with local traditions and customs.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Jamie

    Holy that carnival looks incredible!!!! Those floats are so detailed. Great view from the balcony too. Haven’t been to Gozo in a few year, I don’t think this hotel was open back then? Cheers mate.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Jamie, it was quite the spectacle and the people were so friendly and welcoming!! This hotel opened in June 2015, so it is very new. The Quaint brand has been expanding on Gozo with a new hotel opening in March 2016 in Xewkija, and a few more planned to open in the near future. Safe to say the rooms will be in demand as their popularity grows.

  • Jochem

    Looks like a very picturesque location off the beaten track. I have heard many good things about Malta and i hope to visit in 2017. How was the weather in the winter?

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Jochem, it was indeed. The town offered some of my favourite photo opportunities of the entire island. The weather was a very comfortable 18 degrees or so. Best of luck on your trip planning, keep me posted on how it comes together.

  • Maria

    My gosh that festival looks remarkable, like a fairytale. I hope to visit Gozo soon, especially during the festivals.

    • nadaCliche

      If you can plan your trip around the festival you are in for a treat 😉