All secrets are eventually revealed, and in the case of Red Frog – that’s a very good thing. The first of it’s kind, Speakeasy bar in Lisbon, respectfully draws inspiration from prohibition era New York and fittingly tilts it’s cap to all the gangster’s who made it possible. Just a sidestep off the cities luxurious Agenda de Liberdade, this underground establishment embraces it’s rebellious nature with class. In a dimly lit, yet elegant, underground space, bartenders rock bowties and pump out drinks like a trio of mad scientists. The vibe is tremendous, in an atmosphere that demands respect alongside various presentations that deserve your attention. Each cocktail is a tribute to our alcohol infused ancestry and a nod to the creative spirits of the past is in every sip.

RED POTION | 18% Alc | 220 ml | 8.00
Plantation grand reserve rum with pineapple infusion, Zombie Potion #13, Red berries, Plantation original dark overproof rum, Magic potion aromatized

Tanqueray Ten Gin, Don Julio blanco Tequila, Green Chartreuse with Jalapeño Infusion, Carrot, Micro vegetables and Citrus, The Bitter Truth Lemon & celery, Nutmeg

5_RED_FROG_COCKTAILFROG SPIRIT | 18% Alc | 130 ml | 8.00
Elyx Vodka, Agavero Tequila Liqueur, Limoncello Liqueur, Fresh squeezed lime juice, Agave nectar, Egg white

11_RED_FROG_COCKTAILEST. 1800 | 37% Alc | 75 ml | 10.50€
Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Vermouth, Liqueur, The Bitter Truth Creole, Absinthe Smoke pine infusion

2_RED_FROG_COCKTAILSit back into the 1920’s and embrace conversation as it presents itself. This is a social bar, a gathering space for creative thinkers and a culture for those who enjoy sophisticated mixology. The cocktails have already received cosigns from some of the best bartenders in the world, and now that the secret’s out, Red Frog is sure to attract a much larger following. So, if you’re cruising through Lisbon looking for a late night drink and pass by a button that says “press for cocktails”, do yourself a favour and push the button.

8_RED_FROG_BARTENDERSTHIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Jeremy

    DOPE DOPE DOPE! Good shit man

  • Pedro

    Very cool concept – heavy looking ingredients. The 1800 sounds unreal! Respect to these dudes for keeping creativity alive

  • Evan

    Amazing throwback, looks so legit. I wonder if the “press for cocktails”hurts the business though? Do people just walk by it not knowing it’s there?

    • nadaCliche

      Always a possibility I’d assume at first, but once the word carries it has great marketing appeal.

  • Tiffany

    The jug that serves the Red Potion is cute 😉 Love the branding carried throughout the signature cocktails. Tif.

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