Nearly every visitor to Morocco dreams of losing themselves in Marrakech, yet only the truly lucky ones will find themselves in Jaaneman. A luxurious urban oasis that radiates Moroccan elegance alongside stylish Italian accents. A stone covered paradise tucked within the medina walls, just across from Dar el Bacha Palace. Located just outside the alluring chaos of the souks on a quiet antique roadway, Jaaneman is impeccably positioned to exist as an escape from the world as much as it is a gateway to everything Marrakech has to offer.

Each of the five suites are uniquely decorated and designed within various layouts so no two experiences at the riad are the same. Four of the suites overlook the central courtyard and splash pool while one suite is situated off of the courtyard and features it’s own private terrace. The room featured is the Neflibata suite, which is tastefully decorated with African charm and historical photographs hang from the walls.

The standout feature of Jaaneman, despite all it’s faultless accommodations, is the custom tailored service for their guests. No request is too large and the staff at hand are truly their to serve you and provide any assistance or recommendations as you wish. While no restaurant or bar is on premise, private dining experiences can be organized upon request and served next to the cozy fireplace or on the spacious rooftop terrace. Breakfast is served every morning on the rooftop if weather permits, otherwise a beautiful presentation will be set in the courtyard. Fresh fruits, delicious smoothies and home made yoghurt are accompanied by a selection of Moroccan breads and pastries.

Janneman is a special place, a destination as much as the city itself. It feels comfortable, like home, yet it is clear you have never been there before. It is an eclectic atmosphere that sears deep into your soul. It leaves a lasting impression and a desire to return the second you say goodbye.

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  • Jamie

    Beautiful food shots dude! Looks like a great place to head home to at the end of the day. Morocco 2017 kickstarter starts today haha

    • nadaCliche

      Haha thanks Jamie!

  • dreamer

    I’m in love with the pink roses and blue water!!!! This is my paradise, dream house design! Oh and the room and food look pretty good too 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  • Gabe

    This is stunning! No wonder people are flocking to Morocco lately, it appears they know how to do hospitality right. Did you visit anywhere else besides Marrakesh?

    • nadaCliche

      That they do Gabe, that they do! No shortage of incredible Riads in the city right now.

  • Charron

    Gorgeous. I saw this hotel a while back on Conde Nast and for the life of me couldn’t find it again ’til I saw your post on Instagram. I wanna take my husband here for our 5 year anniversary. Thanks for the post. C.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Charron, glad you found it again!! You definitely should, its an incredible experience from start to finish. You won’t regret it. Keep me posted!

  • Lindsay

    Beautiful Riad Shawn, Marrakech is a vibrant and enchanting destination. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I hope to return next year for the third time, it is one of my happy places 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Hope you can make it back again Lindsay, it is a place that leaves a lasting impression and a longing to return (as you have haha)!

  • Isla C

    Private dining experiences are so magical and memorable, I hope you enjoyed. Beautiful coverage, looks amazing.

  • Dylan

    I see this place all over instagram all the time, must be an amazing place to stay.

    • nadaCliche

      Ha yeah that courtyard gets some coverage for sure!

  • Danielle Menecola

    Blissful. Intimate. Elegant. Intriguing. LOVE. XOXO. #bucketList 😉

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  • Many

    That courtyard is absolutely breathtaking. I have heard Marrakech can be quite intimidating – how was your experience?