With far more then a fresh coat of paint on the walls, this newly renovated 15th century archeological landmark, which now houses Lisbon’s newest 5 star boutique hotel, barely escaped the title of being “a part of history”. The Santiago de Alfama hotel recently opened it’s doors to the winding cobblestone maze that has become so identifiable with it’s surrounding neighbourhood. Situated on the very same street where the worlds most iconic explorers gathered, and where Christopher Columbus was wed. It contains as much history as any of the tourist attractions nearby, and offers you the chance to sleep in this once Royal Palace.


Enter any one of the nineteen rooms and you will quickly discover what makes them so elegant and memorable. Simple luxury accounted for in every detail, each room as beautifully decorated as the next, yet completely unique in space and function. Vibrant colours and worldly textures are showcased by the incredible natural light that is prominent around every corner. The thirteen bedrooms offer every necessity one needs to flourish, while the six suites offer that little bit more for those who wish to indulge. Whether you are searching for remarkable views over Alfama’s infamous rooftops, courtyard access, or interconnecting family rooms, you will be sure to find a home away from home somewhere within these walls.


Whether you are in search of sweet or savoury, hot or cold, traditional or local, this is where you will find a breakfast to start your day. With a variety of classic dishes, pastries, and lighter options, the menu is sure to satisfy. Tastefully plated and served in a warming atmosphere with highlighted accents of the brands colour palette. If the weather permits (and it usually does) enjoy your meal on the road side terrace, people watch and prepare yourself for everything Lisbon has to offer.


Meaning “The Factory”, the in-house restaurant offers traditionally inspired Portuguese cuisine. Fine-tuned by chef Carlos Robalo, who curates his dishes from locally sourced produce and reflects the seasons of one of the worlds oldest cities. Perfect for any occasion on any given night, the extensive menu and daily Chef’s specials are sure to tantalize your senses and have you placing your fork (or any utensil for that matter) down with complete satisfaction.


The day is almost done and the crew behind Manny’s bar are just getting started! Whatever you fancy can be whipped up with love and sipped on until you can no longer resist the comfort of your bed. A combination of top shelf alcohols, clever mixology and intriguing presentation make any cocktail a liquid paradise. Served in the exquisite interior adjacent to the main lobby, the bar is open to the public and visitors alike. Stop in and ask about their wines, specialties, favourite movies etc – it’s a place to unwind, have a good time and spark conversation.

Every aspect of boutique luxury is accounted for, every element of a world class hotel is present. However, more-so then any fabric, furniture, cuisine, dessert or beverage available, it is the service and apparent “family” presence behind the business that leaves a lasting impression. General curiosity as to how your day was, attention to specific aspects of your trip that staff can cater too. A knowledgable, friendly environment that promotes all the best of what drew you to Lisbon in the first place. A team assembled because quite frankly, they are great at what they do.


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  • Antonio

    So so slick! Loving the vibes from this. Always wanted to visit Lisbon. One love!

  • Donna L

    Beautiful photos and what is the name of the song from the video? Very funky

    • nadaCliche

      Thanks Donna! It is Orelha Negra – M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils – pretty good jam huh?

  • Dario

    Looks fantastic! It is always amazing how a hotel can work with unique spaces and turn it into livable quarters. I can only imagine it’s a lot harder to make odd shaped rooms work as intended vs a million square boxes stacked amongst eachother like most chains. Thanks for the insight, would love to visit one day.

    • heleen

      Thanks for your great comments, and yes you are right on all fronts, but really its a lot more fun. Come visit when you can – Santiago de Alfama

  • Katelyn

    Always nice to hear about new hotels ticking off all the luxury boxes on a traveller’s wishlist 🙂 Nice coverage!

  • Tif

    Quite an impressive view if i do say so myself 😉 Looks extremely clean which is very important to me when traveling. Cool post, thanks for sharing.

  • Dawn

    Whattttt they carry Fever Tree???? So cool!

  • Darcy A

    Love the colour palette and those in-room sofa beds look extremely relaxing as well, do they look out onto the ocean?

    • heleen

      Hi – Thanks for your comments. Some of the views look out on the Tagus River (Rio Tejo) but its so wide some think of it as a sea or ocean.
      Come visit when you can and see for yourself – Kind regards from Santiago de Alfama – Boutique Hotel

  • Douglas

    Whoaaaa I had breakfast at this cafe the other day and had no idea it was part of a hotel. The food was fantastic, gonna have to go back for a drink now and check out the hotel. Good stuff

    • heleen

      Thanks Douglas, yes come back and check out the rest. Best regards
      Santiago de Alfama

  • Laurie

    Wonderful 🙂 Lovely looking boutique. Alfama is one of my favourite neighbourhoods, it has such a unique energy. Good find on this one.

  • Derek

    High-five! This is awesome, really digging the vibe of the hotel. Not like I need another reason to visit Lisbon, but heck, an endless list to tick off in a single city isn’t the worst problem a man can have lol

  • Mel

    I’m going to stay in Alfama in January, want to check out this spot absolutely the rooms look so sleek and gorgeous thanks

    • heleen

      Hi Mel, Yes, come and check us out when you´re here, contact me further on, we may have an offer on rooms in January so let me know if you are interested in staying.

  • Tina

    Caught the video on vimeo very well done – lovely looking hotel, great work! Inspiring site all around to travel not like a tourist 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Thank you Tina, high five!

  • Jesse

    Wonderful article on a superb hotel. Cheers

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  • Tommy

    Swweeet sweet vibes

  • Daniel F

    Now this is my kind of place. Great stuff, dreaming of visiting Lisbon next year. Cheers.

  • Emily B

    Such an incredible looking space. The detail and decor is extraordinary. Hope to visit Lisbon on a Eurotrip next year, would love to stay here. Thx

  • Vivian

    Simple, yet stunning elegance. I love the fixtures and how each room is titled. Bed looks comfy, food looks delicious, views look beautiful – cannot ask for more. Tx

  • Heather

    Beautiful hotel, I love the originality and colour palette. My girlfriends and I are planning a trip to Portugal in May and this seems like a great spot for us. Aflame looks so fun too. Will let you know how it goes 🙂

  • Kris H

    Aye this is great mate! Solid info for a place in Alfama – cool place!

  • Aldo M

    Had to check this place out after i saw you gave it “Hotel of the year” looks very deserving, hope to stay here on a future visit to Lisbon. Haven’t been to Portugal in 10 years I’m sure its changed 😉

    • nadaCliche

      I’m sure it has, but I’m also sure it’s managed to retain it’s charming characteristics. Happy travels!