Many people are quick to judge a destination from their very own doorstep. Often misinformed by media coverage or forever tormented by a story they heard from their neighbours, cousin’s dog walker. It is this hearsay that may prevent them from experiencing the world, especially those places that appear rough around the edges. Johannesburg is one of those destinations, a city whose reputation is flagged with crime and violence (not to say it doesn’t exist). A central transit hub where tourists often pass through, and never stop to say “Hello”.

Perhaps, it’s time you meet The Maboneng Precinct, a regeneration in the city centre that is eager to extend a warm and welcoming hand. Allow Maboneng to be your re-introduction to Joburg, an area sizzling with entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy. Art galleries, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, office spaces, 24 hour security and a collective of people who are promoting positivity and change to rejuvenate the inner-city lifestyle that has been lost in the shadow of negativity.

11_SCULPTURE_MABONENGWhat better way to experience Maboneng then by it’s most unique offering: The Sculpture House. A one of a kind, private penthouse (ZAR500/night) floating above the skyline. Colourfully decorated with pastel painted wooden slats, and houses a full kitchen, patio, BBQ, as well as an outdoor bathroom and shower. Large balconies on both floors allow panoramic views of the skyline and are a perfect place to kick back some sundowners. Be warned if visiting in the winter that it can get a bit chilly up there, and you really won’t want to get out of bed to pee in the middle of the night.

2_SCULPTURE_SKYLINESculpture isn’t widely advertised, and it’s not easily seen from the streets, but it is owned and operated by Curiosity Backpackers. This is where you will have to go to use WIFI, get laundry done, meet the locals, drink some beers and smoke some sheesha. The staff are awesome and have done an incredible job creating an environment filled with positives vibes and good times. If you are visiting Maboneng and Sculpture is not available, Curiosity is where you want to be.

3_SCULPTURE_KITCHENBack to Sculpture, it is extremely quirky and fun yet it isn’t the most practical. The steep stairs are quite difficult to navigate (especially after a few pops), and the outdoor shower is a lil exposed. Sculpture sits above The Living Room, a night club in the Machine building, which can get pretty noisy if you’re an early bird. However, the positives far outweigh any negatives. Two or three nights should provide an adequate amount of time to fully experience all it has to offer. The stunning views, funky layout and pure originality of this place make it a must visit!

7_SCULPTURE_VIEWHave you been to Maboneng? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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  • Vanessa

    So so so cool! Love the colours. Heard about this place from a friend who visited, need to check it out for myself. Would love to stay here too….right up my alley 🙂

  • Adam

    I love Maboneng, such a great neighbourhood. Always make an effort to pass through when in Jozi. Never seen this place though, gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for it now.

  • Ryan

    So fresh and so clean clean!

  • Donovan

    I dig! Very fresh. Planning on visiting SA next year thanks for the info

  • Veronica

    Bad ass!! I love Curiocity but had no clue about this gem

    • nadaCliche

      Yup yup Curiocity is the spot, but this is the retreat haha

  • Cameron N

    DOPE!! Such a rad space.

  • Kevin

    So slick…Maboneng is the shit!

  • Elliot

    Oh man this is tooooo rad…gonna try to swing this next year

  • Evan

    I’m visiting Joburg in June with two of my best friends, can this place sleep three??

    • nadaCliche

      Ha depends on how close you are with your buddies? The bed is definitely only a 2 person, and the floor is just wood planks but if you cozy up nice and tight it’s possible 😉

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