The iconic Burj Al Arab hotel has become a tourist attraction all of it’s own. It is easy to see why when you step foot inside what many have hailed “the most luxurious hotel in the world” and the only “7 star” accommodation on the planet. Keep in mind you cannot simply show up and explore the grounds, the only way to get past the security gates onto the private man made island is with a reservation at the hotel. After passing through security you are free to enter the illuminating structure tastefully decorated with everything one could expect for royalty. The top floor houses the Skyview bar, an over-the-top glitz and glam establishment that I have found to rival my experience at At.mosphere.

8_SKYVIEW_BAR_INTERIOREach guest is required a minimum spend of AED 350pp / $117* to be granted a table. It is a high price tag but given the cost of cocktails and appetizers, it is very easy to meet (and far surpass) your mark. The drink menu is beautifully designed and creatively organized as a calendar, each page representing a month of the year and utilizing worldwide events and holidays to inspire innovative mixology. A very aspiring approach and honest reflection of their global audience. While there is a huge selection of all varieties, these creative blends stood out and demanded my attention. The dessert also had to happen.

Sailor Jerry Rum, Makers Mark Whisky, Hennessy VS Cognac
Cherry Heering Liqueur, Aromatic Bitters
AED 130 / $43.50*

Hennessy VS Cognac, Créme de Müre Liqueur, Lime Juice, Sugar syrup, Blackberry, Roasted Sesame Seed
AED 135 / $45*

Coconut jelly, Roasted Pineapple, Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce
AED 135 / $45*

7_SKYVIEW_BAR_DESERTThe vibe and atmosphere is sophisticated, and clearly a fantastic place to have a drink and pass the time. The view at night is a tad bit disappointing, unless you have one of the few tables which overlook the city, you will stare out into darkness over the ocean. Though there are many outstanding qualities and positive elements, my overall impression was not incredible. There is an allure which draws you in but it is quickly lost. If I had to choose, I would return to At.mosphere for a memorable night out in Dubai.

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  • Carl Allen

    Gimme gimme gimme! One day gotta try this.

  • Brenda Jenkins

    This place looks extraordinary. So secluded and luxurious.