A creative hub that encompasses like-minded individuals sharing a passion for music, the arts and life. That was the idea shared between Paul Allen and Dave Stewart in 2004 while having a drink in Covent Garden after spotting a boarded up building. It is safe to say this vision has successfully transcended into reality. Now, in it’s second decade, The Hospital Club has added private chambers to it’s list of amenities so you can rest where you play.

The luxury boutique bedroom collection is set on the third floor and can only be accessed by guests with a room key. The 15 stunning, retro-chic rooms were meticulously designed, incorporating artwork by emerging contemporary artists and all offer a unique vibe. You’ll find a sophisticated collection of literature, vintage clocks, timber canopies and curated stained glass accents. The rooms range from small and cosy sleeper pads with no windows (£215) to spacious rock-star styled suites with private balconies (£605).

As if the “creative juices” in the mini-bar wasn’t a bonus enough, an in-room cocktail service is provided every evening at 7pm. This is by far one of the coolest amenities I have come across, and the custom wooden trolley is a piece of art in itself. Stocked with all the ingredients for a mean cocktail, or take the daily special and put your taste buds in the hands of the professional!! It’s really a win-win here.

The club offers so much more then these great rooms, though they are so welcoming they’re hard to leave. Explore the floors and try some delicious food and drinks at one of the various lounges. Chat with the friendly staff or soak in some conversation with other guests. Spend some time in the vibrant common areas, take in a movie in the large screening room or check out one of the featured exhibitions. Let’s also not forgot all that London offers within a short walking distance.

Luxurious, classy, and unique, plus an emphasis on supporting the arts. The Hospital Club is a definitive example of what nadaCliché strives to uncover and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to visit and experience this world class hotel. It raised the bar on quality, service and style and will remain one of my favourite accommodations for some time.

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  • Jonathan L

    Wow! I’ve visited the h.Club a few times for events but was unaware they offered these rooms. Look top notch, wouldn’t expect anything less from them to be honest. They put a lot of effort in making everything they do GREAT. Very neat idea with the creative juices as well. Cheers.

    • nadaCliche

      The seem to have thought of everything Jon, would highly recommend it!

  • Dana

    Retro-chic?? Yes, please LOL love this so much, looks like its for royalty.

  • Mel

    Gorgeous and Elegant! I don’t think it’s in my price range but will definitely add to the bucket list 😉

  • Ash

    Gorgeous designs! I have heard legends about this place lol would love to visit next time I’m in London town…

    • nadaCliche

      Haha welcome to the club Ash!!

  • Michael

    Very cool. These must be new, I have attended a few events at the club and never heard of these bedrooms. They look beautiful though, it would be great to stay in one after a night of too many “pops” at the venue 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Michael, they recently turned one years old. Haha enjoy, just don’t lose your key 😉

  • Jamie

    Absolutely impeccable rooms! Bucket list hotel for sure. Cheers mate.

  • Barbara

    THC is divine. Always enjoy myself when I visit, however, I have never had the pleasure of staying in one of their suites. I will be booking for the next occasion.

  • Manny

    The “Creative Juices” is such a great idea. Seems a tad pricey but I’d love to stay here one day.

  • Brock V

    That looks like a suite for Movie Stars haha will definitely try to stay there on my next business trip to London (if works allows it)

    • nadaCliche

      Always worth a shot!!!

  • Lynn

    My girlfriend and I are staying here in June! I’m so excited to soak up some arts culture, also hoping there’s a cool exhibition on during the time of our visit. Great article, thanks for the tips. XO

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Lynn, have a great time, hope there are a bunch of cool exhibits on during your visit!

  • Lynn

    Looks like a great spot. Love the idea of in-room cocktails, I’ve never seen or heard of that before…very cool. Bit out of my price range but looks like it’s reasonably priced for what you get. Thanks for sharing Shawn.

  • Don

    Hey Shawn, just came across your site. Very cool finds on here, this hotel looks so badass! In-room cocktails is the way of the future LOL Keep it up.

    • nadaCliche

      Thanks Don, I agree on the cocktails 😉 Lots more to come, thanks for checking out the site!

  • Kelvin

    Damn that room looks like it’s for a rock-star for real! You run into Bono? Haha

    • nadaCliche

      Haha I must have missed him, but I think U2 should visit and try your luck!! See what I did there, huh huh?? 😉

  • James Chadwick

    Where do you find these places? LOL so fricken’ cool!

    • nadaCliche

      Lots of digging deep into the wildest pockets of the internet!!

  • Dylan

    I am verrrry intrigued to stay here. Planning a visit for spring and my girlfriend loves these cool hidden spots. You may have saved the day my man! haha

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