Whether or not you are religious or believe in god, you can’t help but look at The Secret Chapel as a little piece of heaven. Although the entrance is situated right off one of Amsterdam’s iconic canals it can easily be missed. Walking past the buildings exterior you’d never guess what was beyond the stone walls, but pay close attention and you’ll discover an enchanting entrance. Beyond the heavy wooden door you’ll walk though a historic alleyway, which is said to have been a hangout for the cities less fortunate. At the end of the alley you will approach a doorway seamlessly blended into the local environment, it is here, in the 18th century where this shelter was constructed by the Roman Catholics to avoid religious persecution.

Inside is a magical, one of a kind accommodation. A heritage building that encompasses Amsterdam’s past and is blended with modern day luxury. The grand suite sits atop what was once the altar for this 30 person cathedral. Sleeping here is unique, yet can be extremely strange at first, surrounded by a forbidden nature that adds to the experience. Laying down and staring up at the ceiling you can truly begin to appreciate where you are. Shear beauty extrudes from every detail of the master craftsmanship throughout. Angels overlook the house of worship, complimented by religious symbolism and accents of gold and teal. It is surreal, it is unusual, and it is indeed unforgettable.

A full service, self catering, kitchen is accessible from the suite and offers everything for your culinary needs. Take the narrow steps upstairs and discover the spacious and delightful bathroom, complete with an art deco shower head, deep sunken ceramic bathtub, and all the soaps and scents essential to decompressing. Upstairs also offers access to a panoramic balcony where you can overlook the sleeping quarters, as well as observe all the fine architectural details with a closer eye.

There is a calming silence inside the chapel, and you would never assume you were in the heart of Amsterdam had you not walked there yourself. It is a magical urban escape that provides seclusion from all that the city is known for. While “hidden gem” has been miraculously overused to describe cliché destinations, the Secret Chapel truly encapsulates the origin of the phrase.

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  • Sara L

    This is unreaallllll!!! Wonderful find 😉

    • nadaCliche

      Thanks Sara, glad you liked it!

  • Gordy

    “holy” moly LOL this place is incredible…thanks for the share

    • nadaCliche

      HA thumbs up on that one!

  • Trevor

    I’m speechless that it is even possibility to wake up here haha. So crazy and so cool!

    • nadaCliche

      Haha that’s no doubt a common first impression, but it is indeed possible!

  • Tony

    Very very cool concept and execution. Bucket list hotel for sure thx

  • Joseph R

    Mesmerizing! Remarkable concept and execution. LOVE it!

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  • Jeff J

    So badass haha what a crazy place to sleep