Nestled within a 500 year old colonial painted city is TRIBAL, a luxury boutique hotel which opened in 2014. It sits comfortably within a residential neighbourhood just 2 blocks from the main square. Surrounded by buildings whose faded hues are reminiscent of an economic collapse blended with modern day refurbishment. An iron gate is all that stands between the cobble stone streets of Granada and the tranquil courtyard oasis which is housed within.

TRIBAL_SLIDER_2Ten minutes prior to my arrival at TRIBAL, while walking the block and appreciating the array of painted buildings, a lil bastard stole my hat via a drive by cycling. I was instantly thrown into an imaginative state of what I would do if I caught him or found him later on, but hey it is a foreign country and sometimes you gotta let things roll off your shoulder. If you know me you know I am very rarely detached from my precious baseball hats, and thankfully I had TRIBAL to settle into and forget about my troubles. Honestly, I probably would have let it ruin my trip had I not been so relaxed.

TRIBAL_SLIDER_4TRIBAL was founded and designed by New York restaurateurs Yvan Cussigh and Jean-Marc Houmard of Indochine and Acme fame. Nearly all the furniture and textiles were carefully curated from local artisans and other destinations including Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma to create a stunning array of seating and decor. The placid atmosphere transforms at night as candlelit ambience takes center stage and immerses you into a world of relaxation. The space is small and cozy, yet welcoming and exciting. The largest decision you may face here is whether to rest poolside in cabana style loungers or seek shelter in the elegant verandah. Even with Tona’s doubling the price of what you’d pay at the corner store (Approx $3USD), it’s a very small price to pay for a piece of paradise in a concrete jungle.

TRIBAL_SLIDER_5Accommodations include 5 Premium rooms and 2 Junior Suites, featuring private baths and a terrace with Queen and King size beds respectively. Daily breakfast is included and is served at a location of your choice, obviously your own private terrace is a wise decision. Additional features include laundry service, spa treatments, airport arrangements and speedy WIFI. Rates start at $110USD per night.

I will return to Nicaragua one day, I will make my way to TRIBAL, and with any luck I will get my hat back.

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  • Donna

    Stunning decor. Would love to visit Granada soon and this looks like the perfect place to unwind.

  • Jake H

    Always the go to in Granada, simply the best!

  • Lauren

    Oh my! Going to Granada in September, absolutely gonna stay here 😉

  • Frank

    This place is a gem in a big city

  • Jeff Hunter

    Dat pool tho >>>>>>

  • Colin

    Haha amazing hat theft story bro

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