While strolling through the charming streets of Valletta one can only imagine what lies behind all the colourful doors. Family residences, private mansions and luxury hotels all nestled inside these historic walls. Reaching the entrance of Ursulino Valletta one can only expect to step inside a building that embodies the Baroque architecture of the grand city. What may come as a surprise is the stunning refurbishment that has transcended an elegant townhouse into a luxurious and modern boutique hotel.

Housing five rooms and two beautiful suites, Ursulino offers the comforts of a modern hotel with all the personal touches of an intimate family-owned B&B. Start your day with a selection of fruits, pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice and a delicious hot beverage in the beautiful dining area or rooftop terrace. Each night guests can enjoy a very thoughtful and memorable “sunset aperitivo”. Indulge in a complimentary glass of Champagne or Prosecco alongside a delicious platter of Italian prosciutto, salami and a selection of cheeses.

The highlight and centre piece of Ursulino is the view from the roof terrace. In an area where each and every building offers a slightly different perspective of the Grand Harbour and the city below, Ursulino shines through as one of the best. A fabulous setting to enjoy the surroundings at any time of the day, and if you’re lucky enough – to view fireworks during one of the islands many carnivals and feasts.

The penthouse suite is astonishingly spread over 3 stories. The first floor with bedroom, bathroom and a small private balcony. The second with a fully equipped kitchen and seating area, and the third with a dining area and large private terrace to enjoy at your leisure. The glass floors throughout provide an opportunity to view the entire room and gives it a modern twist with a much more open feel.

Ursulino should be praised for it’s unique hospitality, not only with the custom architecture throughout but in the way they welcome their guests. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that have the largest impact and leave a lasting impression.

THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT | nadaCliché was invited as a guest.
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  • Norm

    That viewwwwwwww! Man, I love Malta. Can’t wait to visit again, this looks like a great spot.

  • Jamie

    Right on!! LOL get it? This place looks magical that fireworks show must have been amazing

    • nadaCliche

      Hahaha touché!! #roots

  • Kevin L

    Dream destination! Looks like a great place to stay, I always try to support family run businesses, thanks for sharing.

    • nadaCliche

      Hey Kevin, this is right up your alley then. Family owned and operated with a few extra staff members who are the nicest people!

  • Geneva

    Love the modern integration into a historical address. A lot of B&B’s can learn from this approach when their accommodations get tired and aged.

    • nadaCliche

      For sure! The penthouse and dining room are some of the craziest restorations I’ve seen, the glass floors are incredible and give it a really unique feel.

  • Mathew

    Another great addition to my hometown!!!!!!! Love it 😉

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