Stepping into Vila Adentro you would never know the history beneath your feet. Under the refurbished historical building is a network of underground tunnels, with little known about them. If you pay attention there are various highlights throughout the restaurant that pay homage to the mystery below. This is the only location in Faro where these catacombs can be seen, and if you’re lucky – navigated.

The staff is knowledgable and eager to share information on all elements of the building, including the decorative tiles on the walls, the original doors to the building and how the location has evolved over the years. You will surely enjoy your visit whether you decide to sit inside and embrace the past or post up outside and soak in the sun and Old Town. The front entrance also offers a small bakery for those looking to grab a coffee and go, a high chair section for viewing the kitchen, along with a rooftop that is currently closed.

The patio is ideal for sitting back, enjoying some great food, and people watching. With cuisine infused by various flavours of the Algarve region and beyond you will be sure to find something to meet your taste. Chicken and King Prawns? Can’t really go wrong.

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  • Ronda

    I visited Faro in 2013 and loved it very much had no idea there were catacombs in the old town its very interesting wish to visit again soon and enjoy meal here thanks for sharing