Lisbon, ohhhhh Lisbon, you are a beauty! A thriving, energetic metropolis buzzing with history, creative energy, friendly people, premium hospitality and some delicioussss alcoholic beverages. nadaCliché recently paid a visit to one of the oldest cities in the world to compile a list of unique accommodations, authentic experiences and some of the best cocktail bars the Portuguese capital could offer. Here is how to spend a day nadaCliché styles!


LUXURY HOSPITALITY | Santiago de Alfama

With far more then a fresh coat of paint on the walls, this newly renovated 15th century archeological landmark, which now houses Lisbon’s newest 5 star boutique hotel, barely escaped the title of being “a part of history”. The Santiago de Alfama hotel recently opened it’s doors to the winding cobblestone maze that has become so identifiable with it’s surrounding neighbourhood. Situated on the very same street where the worlds most iconic explorers gathered, and where Christopher Columbus was wed. It contains as much history as any of the tourist attractions nearby, and offers you the chance to sleep in this once Royal Palace.



Rarely will you find a tranquil oasis in one of the most electric and luxurious sections of a metropolis, the Inspira hotel in central Lisbon is one of these unique instances. An environmentally conscious, sustainable development whose identity revolves around the ancient principles of feng shui. Rooms can be specifically designated for every guest who wishes to relax in harmony and embrace various energy flows, including earth, fire and water. The decorations play a key role in creating a relaxing yet engaging atmosphere, and the hotel amenities will revitalize your creativity and productivity, making it an ideal choice for business and pleasure.


AFTERNOON | LostIn Esplanada

Enter Lost In and discover a colourful oasis with top notch beverages. A vibrant esplanade infused with indian culture which is reflective in all of it’s offerings. An escape from busy city life while mysteriously located right in the middle of it all. An enchanting tree lined patio with beautiful textiles and fabrics along with hints of the inspiring country behind it’s presence.



Every stamp on the ol’ passport brings an array of exciting new adventures and experiences, yet the questions from others remain the same. Where was the best food and drinks? Where is your happy place? What was the most breathtaking view? While the answers for all the above are different for everyone, and can constantly change, it is quite an accolade that the rooftop terrace at the 5-star Bairro Alto hotel would be a top contender for all three.



Once you have decided to unwind for the night, to kick back, relax and enjoy a cocktail, then make your way to Tivoli hotel’s rooftop Sky Bar. A discrete gathering space of the cities elite, and traveller’s who seek energetic atmospheres amidst unparalleled views of Lisbon below. The open concept floor-plan surrounds a 360° accessible bar and is modernly decorated with white accents and greenery. Unobstructed views towards the Tagus river allow all visitors the opportunity to soak in the nightlife and raise a glass to any and all occasions.



All secrets are eventually revealed, and in the case of Red Frog – that’s a very good thing. The first of it’s kind, Speakeasy bar in Lisbon, respectfully draws inspiration from prohibition era New York and fittingly tilts it’s cap to all the gangster’s who made it possible. Just a sidestep off the cities luxurious Agenda de Liberdade, this underground establishment embraces it’s rebellious nature with class. In a dimly lit, yet elegant, underground space, bartenders rock bowties and pump out drinks like a trio of mad scientists. The vibe is tremendous, in an atmosphere that demands respect alongside various presentations that deserve your attention. Each cocktail is a tribute to our alcohol infused ancestry and a nod to the creative spirits of the past is in every sip.

11_RED_FROG_COCKTAILSo there you have it folks, a pretty darn great way to spend a day (or a week!). If you are planning on visiting Lisbon, allow yourself the time to wander the city and get lost, immerse yourself in the day to day which makes the city so sensational. Soak in the atmosphere around every corner, the ever changing landscapes, the graffiti filled alleyways and of course the iconic clothing draped over balconies. Eat well, drink well and sleep well. Lisbon, you are top-notch, don’t you ever change.

Have you been to Lisbon? Have any awesome places you’d recommend? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


  • Laura

    Great list on a great city

  • Kalvin

    Red Frog is incredible, best cocktails in th city for sure

  • Holly

    Beautiful city full of so much character and amazing things to see and do (as you know 🙂 )

  • Tessa

    Great spots!! Also Pensao Amor is a really cool place, an old brothel turned bar.

    • nadaCliche

      It is indeed! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the city as well.

  • Tamira

    Lisbon the GREAT!